Where to Live Close to the University of Leicester

By Student Digs on March 8th, 2024

Student Accommodation Close to the University of Leicester

The university experience starts at home, so it is vital you find the perfect student accommodation for you. If you are not sure what you are looking for, then this is the ideal place to start. Leicester has a huge amount to offer, whether it is in the popular Clarendon Park, the vibrant city centre or the suburban Highfields.

Clarendon Park

Just 15 minutes walk away from the University of Leicester, Clarendon Park is an extremely in-demand area for students. If you have a hankering for the bohemian buzz of quirky independent coffee shops and vintage stores, Clarendon Park might just be for you. 

With a huge amount of University of Leicester student accommodation on offer here, it is an area not to miss. Clarendon Park student accommodation is in close quarters to the picturesque Victoria Park, which borders the university campus, perfect for revision sessions in the sunshine or even park runs on the weekends. 
Read more about what the area has to offer in Leicester’s local newspaper. Alternatively, view our properties in Clarendon Park.


An often-missed fact is Clarendon Park was considered just a part of Knighton before establishing itself as a popular area in its own right. With quirky local shops and pubs dotted throughout, it has tons of charm. 

The larger area has a village feel, and offers more semi-detached and spacious housing than Clarendon Park. This area is especially popular with medical students, as it allows them to focus on their studies while staying just a step away from the hustle and bustle of Clarendon Park.

If you can’t find your dream house in Clarendon Park itself, you might want to broaden your search to include Knighton for the best of both worlds. Living in Knighton doesn’t have to mean adding time to your commute either—simply crossing Welford Road takes you from Clarendon Park into Knighton.


Stoneygate straddles London Road, stretching between Victoria Park, Queens Road, Knighton Road and Kimberley Road. Part Clarendon Park, Knighton and Highfields, and all-things posh, Stoneygate is well-known for its remarkably well-preserved architecture and is a conservation area.

What is less talked about is the student houses, flats and studios tucked away between its Victorian and Edwardian mansions. If you fancy living in a house combining touches of the original character with modern conveniences, you should consider one of the student houses Stoneygate has to offer.


When looking for University of Leicester student accommodation that is just a stone’s throw from the vibrant city, Highfields might be made for you. The area is perfectly placed between the University of Leicester and De Montfort University—just 20 minutes away.

If you want a sense of community and belonging while you’re away at university, Highfields will be your utopia. With over 25 countries represented in this city, the area is a real reflection of the diverse and cultural ethos of Leicester. For an ideal balance of suburban living with all of the facilities and amenities city-living has to offer, consider Highfields.

Leicester City Centre

Do you fancy being right in the centre of things? Then Leicester’s city centre is the place to be. Depending on your accommodation, it is just a 15 to 20 minute walk away from the universities. All you could need right at your doorstep, the city centre of Leicester is a prime location for those looking for an abundance of amenities from shops to a buzzing nightlife.

No matter what student accommodation you are after, whether you’re looking for a hive of activity in the city centre or a sense of peace and tranquillity in New Walk, Leicester has everything and more to offer to the students that inhabit the vibrant city.

How to Get the Best Student Accommodation

Our modern, high-standard accommodation with spacious rooms are limited and rent out extremely fast—typically snapped up within 2-3 weeks of being advertised. That is, if they are advertised at all, as most landlords give current tenants the chance to reserve their house for another year before advertising again.

In fact, many of our tenants find their current accommodation through other students. If you like the house your friends live in, ask what agent they rented it through and if (and when) you can rent it for the following year. Alternatively, sign up for waiting lists with those agents and check through our properties regularly. Starting to look in August might feel silly, but it gives results.

Affordable Accommodation at Student Digs

The selection of University of Leicester student accommodation is vast and can cater to all of your needs and requirements, whether that be a studio flat or shared house. Leicester is not just a place to live; it offers a wealth of new friends and memories to keep for a lifetime.

Contact us today to learn more about living in Clarendon Park, Highfields or Leicester’s city centre. Once you’ve found the perfect place for your needs within our article, view our properties close to the University of Leicester and start student life.

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