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Looking for Addict Dance Academy student accommodation? We’ve got you covered. Student Digs offers a range of student properties, studio flats and apartments at various price points and sizes for you and your friends.

It may be that you’re a would-be student looking for independence and a home closer to the Academy. Or perhaps you are a parent or guardian trying to learn more about what is available for your child. In either case, we have the perfect Addict Dance Academy student accommodation for you.

Contact us now to find out more about the properties we have available and reserve or book a property online or over the phone.

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Student Properties Near Addict Dance Academy

Our student properties near the Addict Dance Academy are right at the heart of the city centre and within walking distance. We have many flats to choose from and guarantee that securing one will surely enhance your student experience.

Aside from your room itself, there are plenty of reasons why Leicester is an ideal location for budding dancers. Leicester is very culturally diverse and cultured, with various galleries, museums and theatres nearby. With such a vibrant and social city waiting for you, browning our student properties near the Addict Dance Academy is sure to put you at the heart of the bustle and excitement.


Beginning Your Search For Student Properties near Addict Dance Academy

Start by having an idea of what type of house, flat, or apartment you want. Then consider whether you would like to live alone or with others. You can easily use our property searcher to begin browsing our Addict Dance Academy student properties to see what’s available to you. If you can’t find what you are looking for or have a question about our properties, speak to our Student Property Advice Team on 0116 350 1595, and they will be happy to discuss your options with you.

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