Looking for your student house for 2022/2023

By Student Digs on November 26th, 2021

We are now taking bookings for student accommodation for the 2022/23 academic year so it is important that you are fully informed about the key considerations before committing to rent a property. Student Digs have student properties to suit a range of budgets, services and locations across Leicester.


One of the biggest issues is deciding who you are going to live with in your student house or flat. Whilst it can certainly be fun living with your friends, it is also important to make sure that they are people you can live amicably and respectfully with.

If you prefer privacy and your own company, studio flats may be a suitable alternative to student house shares.

Questions to ask would be how clean/messy they are, do they understand and respect boundaries and how many people would you be willing to share a house with.


Budgeting is extremely important at university, it is important that you plan your finances correctly, accounting for rent, food and those all-important nights out.

When it comes to deciding which student house, it is important to ensure that the rent is within your budget.

You also need to communicate with all your housemates to decide on a budget that is suitable for everyone involved.


When looking at the cost of your student house, you need to consider whether you would like utility bills to be included or not with your rent.

The more specialist student agents will offer the option of including bills within your rent including water, electricity, gas, broadband and TV license.

Where broadband is included it is advisable to check what speed is included before committing to a property as it may be difficult to change this later if it proves to be inadequate.

Including this option can save you time and money as you won’t have to set these up yourselves and student agents can often access better deals as they will be buying in bulk.


Location is key when deciding which area of your city you want to live in.

Some students prefer to be near to the university whilst others prefer to be nearer to the city centre.

Other essential things to have nearby are local amenities such as a park, shops, bars, and restaurants.

Other Facilities/Services

It is important to check what facilities are included before committing to rent a property.

Student Digs offer a monthly cleaning service on some of our properties. Please check on the advert to confirm whether or not this is included.

Washing facilities may vary and you may want to clarify exactly what is included. Whilst a washing machine is almost always included, a tumble dryer may not be.

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