How to stay active in Leicester

By Student Digs on March 11th, 2022

Moving to a different city doesn’t mean you have to stop your fitness regime if you consider yourself a guru – if anything, it provides you with a change of environment to keep up with your health and wellness goals.

A new city is the perfect fresh start you need to maintain a healthy routine for those who want to get into fitness.

Exercise does wonders to our body but also our minds. The stresses university deadlines cause can be rectified by maintaining a healthy lifestyle with frequent exercise.

There are multiple ways you can maintain an active lifestyle – whether you’re a beginner or a pro!

  1. Hit the Gym!
  • The gym is the perfect place to be if you require equipment to aid your physical wellbeing
  • Whether your gym goals involve increasing your cardio or weights training, the gym has all the facilities to ensure you’re able to meet your targets
  • Most staff members at gyms are trained professionals in their field so can offer you advice, an induction on how to use the equipment or provide workout plans
  • A lot of gyms offer student discounts, so be sure to do your research!
  • Leicester has an array of gyms, both within and outside of your university:
  • The Gym, Pure Gym and David Lloyd are national gyms that may provide discounts if you opt for having a membership in multiple locations – this way; you can maintain an active lifestyle at home and university!
  • Your university gym can offer annual discounted memberships with a range of facilities and classes
  1. The Great Outdoors
  • Leicester has many beautiful parks that are perfect for those wanting to pursue fitness at their leisure and very little cost
  • Aylestone Nature Reserve, Victoria Park and Bede Park are a few of the parks situated across Leicester that can aid your fitness through daily walks whilst enjoying scenic views
  • Running is also a great way to maintain your fitness and is a great pocket-friendly way of keeping active
  • Take your friends on runs early morning or late afternoon through the parks; you’ll be sure to maintain this with the help of your friends
  • The parks are a great location and runner-friendly as they’re the hotspot for going on runs!
  1. Climbing!
  • If running isn’t quite your sport, then maybe climbing is!
  • Leicester is home to Social Climbing – a bouldering centre
  • Bouldering is climbing without ropes – not to worry, if you fall, you fall onto the crash mats!
  • The centre caters to all levels – from beginners to professionals – and is a fun way to exercise
  • The staff are fully equipped with knowledge and experience to help the beginners
  • The activity aids your entire body and helps you build muscle and maintain endurance
  • Memberships are offered at extremely competitive rates!
  1. Go For A Dip!
  • If you prefer the water, then swimming may be your go-to fitness activity
  • With several council-run swimming pools strategically located around the city, you’re never far from an indoor pool to burn off some energy with a few lengths
  • Alternatively, both universities have indoor pools that can be covered under your university gym membership as well
  • Swimming is a great way to achieve a full-body workout in just one activity, so it’s a great way to stay active when you’re low on time and still want to squeeze a low impact workout in during your free time.

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